squatLIFTS for Serious Athletes

You’re serious about gaining strength, burning fat, and increasing overall athletic performance – that’s why you train hard!  The key to maximizing the benefits of any movement that includes a squat is proper form and depth.  Not executing correctly can work the wrong muscles and cause unnecessary stress on the body. 

The squatLIFTS Advantage

squatLIFTS provide a cost-effective way for athletes of all ability levels to improve mechanics.  The innovative shoe inserts add the heel height typically only found in Olympic weightlifting shoes to your daily training shoes.  Simply slip them in for improved performance when a workout contains a squat movement or Olympic lift.  You will squat deeper, maintain a more upright posture, and drive more power through the heels.

squatLIFTS are also designed to allow athletes to easily transition to the forefoot and stay explosive for all types of athletic movements.  This makes them perfect for the pairing of strength training and conditioning movements found in functional fitness methodologies.

Money Back Guarantee

squatLIFTS are guaranteed to make it easier to maintain proper form while you complete strength training and conditioning workouts. Try them for 30 days, and if you do not agree, we’ll pay domestic return shipping and provide a full refund.